Posted: 28 Julho, 2010 in Software

TrunkView is an MPT1327 protocol decoder, used in a single radio setup without the need for a discriminator output.
MPT1327 Trunked Radio networks, such as the Belgium/Netherlands Entropia, can be tracked and monitored.

  • Alpha tagging: label prefixes and individual radio idents.  more…
  • Tracking: if a suitable scanner is used, TrunkView tunes it to an assigned voice channel.
  • Voice channels assigned by the Trunking System Controller are shown in a separate window.
  • Custom bandplan support.  more…
  • Short Data Message decoding.
  • Real time Traffic analysis tool.  more…
  • Option to create logfiles.
  • Option to record voice conversations (WAV only).
  • Extensive filter possibilities.
  • Band scan facility.
  • Minimizes to the system tray.
  • No discriminator output needed.
  • Network configuration: System id, Site name, Control Channel.

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